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How to post an LOA Empty How to post an LOA

Post by Wolfgang von Walsum on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:47 am


Leave Of Absence


These are used to inform the leaders of the unit where you will be while we are practicing, scrimming, etc. It is essential for all members, including unit leaders, to post LOAs when they cannot make dates or times. Please always write dates with the day as a number and the month as a three letter abbreviation to avoid confusion between different date formats.
Ex: 05-FEB or FEB-05. You do not need to specify the year.

If you cannot be present at any scheduled event, post an LOAFailure to do so after a few weeks may result in dismissal from the unit.
Types of LOAs

LOA - Your standard leave. For these you will post the date you will be absent and a brief statement as to why (Doesn't have to be in-depth).

Topic title: LOA for Franz Weil 13-AUG

Body: I am not be able to attend the match on the 13th of August. I will be going to a party at that time.

RLOA - This is a recurring leave. This would be used if you have a consistent work schedule and we have practices on that day. Or just if you will miss practices for a while.

Topic title: RLOA for Franz Weil 13-AUG

Body: I will be missing practices for the next few weeks due to work schedule.

PLOA - Possible leave: this would mean you are uncertain on whether you can make an event or not. It covers you if you are not in attendance, and if you can show up, that's fine.

Topic title: PLOA for Franz Weil 13-AUG

Body: Given my shaky work schedule this week, I am posting a possible LOA for the practice this week on the 13th of August.
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